The Aircraft - "Yellow Formation"

We are very proud to operate five Slingsby Firefly T67M MK2 aircraft. Suitably registered G-OCRM (Yellow1), G-UCRM (Yellow2) and G-ECRM (Yellow 3).

The Slingsby Firefly is an excellent platform for teaching formation and was originally designed for such roles in a military capacity.

With sensible operating speeds, yet manoeuvrable enough to operate through the intermediate stages of formation flying we are proud to operate these machines.

Later into 2018 we are hoping to add one more yellow T67 to our 'squadron' (Yellow 4)

The Slingsby Firefly T67 MKII was certified in December 1985 with an AEIO-320 fuel injected 160HP Lycoming with inverted fuel and oil systems. It was fitted with a 2 blade Hoffman constant speed propeller. The T67M MKII, is a composite airframe with a single fuel tank fitted in the fuselage fed by fuel tanks located in the front section of both wings. Total fuel capacity is 136 litres.

In terms of military usage, both the UK RAF as well as the UASF, Canadian Air Force and Hong Kong Air Force used them as elementary training platforms.

Instrument Panel