Elementary Formation Flying Course - EFFC - £1995

Our EFFC is designed for pilots that have little, or no formation experience. With the skill and experience of our instructors, the aim of the course is to provide pilots with the skills to enable them to fly basic formation ensuring a safe, yet fun experience.

The course comprises of;

  • Two full days of training
  • Four 1.2 hour flights in our T67 aircraft
  • Certificate of Course Completion
  • Opportunity to advance on to the IFFC

The EFFC is broken down into ground school and flight training elements.

Based around the ground school your course will follow the syllabus below

Lesson #1

Comprehensive ground school, Pre flight briefing, starting, Taxiing, Streaming take off demo, Station keeping in echelon and line astern, Effects of controls in station keeping, Turning in formation, Pitching in formation, Leading the formation, Airfield recovery, Flight debriefing.

Lesson #2

Pre flight briefing, Continuation of lesson 1 details, Straight and level breaks with re-joins, Lost leader drills, Leading the formation, Inadvertent cloud breaks, Airfield recovery, Flight debriefing.

Lesson #3 

Pre flight briefing, Compounded formation flying with >30 degrees AoB and >15 degrees pitching, Leading the formation, Formation emergencies, Rendezvous at assigned areas, Airfield recovery, Flight debrief.

Lesson/Flight #4

This sortie will be a self run detail, designed to consolidate all of the teaching and for you as the pilot to operate the flight.

Pilots graduating from the EFFC will be able to enrol for the IFFC.

Advance your new found skills even further with our IFFC. This course is designed for EFFC graduates and takes you on to greater manoeuvring within a formation.